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Product Description:    
     As the core operation processor of control system, ITAV ITPB Series Programmable Central Control Processor is equipped with high-performance 32 bits embedded processor, it adopts FLASH with large capacity (expanded from 8M to 64M). It is supplied with many programmable controlling interfaces modes like RS-48, RS-422, RS-232, IR, I/O, RELAY, etc. to satisfy requirements of various users. 
 The processor adopts open programmable controlling platform. It has humanized English operation interface and interactive controlling structure. up to 150 kinds of logic instructions makes the system deal with various controlling instructions more quickly and steadily. Meanwhile, it also owns infrared document-learning function and can establish direct infrared code document for engineering application convenience. The processor has its own 8 programmable bi-directional feedback keys. Operators can operate the unit through the feedback keys directly and undertake bi-directional programmable control.
     Common Feature:
1,Open programmable controlling platform and humanized operation interface;
2.Continuous connection with ITAV Smart Conference System Series and make up of perfect Smart Conference System solution;
3.Embedded infrared remote control learning function, it isn’t required to equip professional learning machine, convenient and reliable;
4.8 infrared transmit ports can realize remote control for VCR, DVD, CD, MD player and projection, etc;
5.8 numbers I/O controlling port and 8 low-voltage RELAY controlling port used to control environment equipments like up/down of screen,   open/close of curtain, high/low of projection and open/close of light, etc;
6.8 RS-232/422/485 controlling port can control equipments like video matrix or plasma display, etc;
7.Provides English system setting operation and programmable software;
8.User- defined scene storage and scene invocation function;
9.USB port is used to connect computer and undertake setting, monitoring and uploading programme of controlling processor;
10.1 RJ-45 interface, being Ethernet interface, connect computer controlling software or wire control panel to realize remote control;
11.Can match with Android touch panel,support WIFI bi-directional control
12.8 programmable bi-directional feedback keys
13.30×8 LCD display
14.E-BUS bus support

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